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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So much has been happening in our area. On Friday it started to rain and continued through Sunday night. I believe that we had 10" of rain. This caused so much flooding. So many people lost so much and even today they can not go into their homes to see the damages. Munster, Indiana was under water and there were so many flooded streets so it made traveling almost impossible. Even 80/94 is still shut down. This is a major east west highway. I have been busy trying to help out. That is why I haven't posted any new paintings. I now know how to fill sand bags.

So tonight in class, I did this little demo showing how to paint rain.

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Dawn said...

Hi Kathy;
I just noticed you had a blog. I am going to link you into my blog at creativeendeavors-dawn.blogspot.com.
Welcome abaoard!