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Saturday, July 11, 2009

People Workshop

I was asked to post some work from the people workshop. This is what I had the students work on. First we were working on some action figures to warm up. From there we went onto making a strip of people as a group. We will be doing more figure work in September when regular classes begin. I am running this workshop again on July 24, there are a few openings.

Today I had a DVD shot of me doing a demo. It is one of waterlilies. Right now it is being edited. It was strange having 3 cameras looking at me while I painted. The photographer had headphones on...was he listening to me or to a baseball game???

I am hoping he can get this editing process done so that they will be available for the art fair next weekend.

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Kathy Kreidler said...

Very interesting! I can hardly wait for July 24.