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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Still Waters II-Chicago

watercolor 21 x 14

Another day at the lake. Right now I would love to be on one of these boats taking a nap.


Unknown said...

Hi Kathy, why are you attempting to provoke me with your boats?. I hate painting the sails, sea, boats and masts wich are into a trafic jam that no one does know where to put so many boats, sail and so on. MPDR. I'll go on with my easier still lifes and watching your enviable paintings, I prefer doing so this way.

Roopika said...

I love the luminous waters - the stillness is hauntingly beautiful!

Kathy said...

Julian, expand yourself! This is the first time I am painting boats. I didn't get sea sick painting them either...maybe because that is a lake. MPDR You should see all of the boats here. I am sure they have many traffic jams.
I will go on and watch your beautifully painted still lifes wishing that fruit was in season here. I guess I will have to wait and paint boats in the mean time.

Kathy said...

Thanks Roopika. It is not always "still" in Chicago. That is why we are called the Windy City. I have just finished 2 more water scenes and will shoot them and post them soon. Keep coming back.