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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Indiana Bridge

watercolor 14 x 21

Thought I would do a painting of a covered bridge in Indiana. Another one for my show...


Prabal said...

When is the show?? Looks like you are really gearing up for it. Very delightful paintings.

Kathy said...

Hi Prabal...hope you had a great weekend...now back to work. This is a show that is at a restaurant that has been having me has their resident artist for the past 8 years. They get original art and I have place to show AND sell it. I can hang this when ever I want. After this fall show, I will put a winter show up. I do want to frame up a few of the new ones this week. If you lived closed, we could have met for lunch :))

Unknown said...

Kathy, again another false invitation for having a lunch. If all people went there you wouldn't be able of having enough foods. I think it's only an old trick to sell a lot of watercolors and become a woman rich. MPDR.
Your painting has a lot of red colors, so I like it.
Peace, love and good watercolors.

Kathy said...

Julian, wouldn't it be a blast if all of us from this blog could get together for lunch and talk art. We wouldn't be starving artists then. MPDR, If I knew you would come, I would have them paint the yellow victorian house red just for you!!

Not painting tonight. Cleaning up the studio..classes begin here Sept. 8... are you coming for classes?

Hope your fall is filled with hues of oranges and REDS...by the way...what season are you in right now. Are you the same as we are? I don't have time to find a geography book...mpdr.

Unknown said...

Sorry, Kathy I won't be able to make it. It's my fate to be a good painter, without attending any class. MPDR. In Spain, at Madrid, where I'm living , has similar wether to yours. Now we are at 80 F degrees in shadow. Who is guilty of climate so hot?: "Algorians" a terrible aliens's sect wich is coming from USA; they are transforming our wether. MPDR.
Well, Kathy, I've gave to you a free geographic class and one explanation about what happens with the climate. Now I hope you can edit my English free of charge.
I'm a salve of your wisdom and "watercoloring". Always to your feet.

Kathy said...

Well get ready Julian, more Algorians are coming...it is supposed to be in the 90's tomorrow with the heat index up to 100. It is supposed to be cooler over the weekend. Now I am giving your a free weather class. What else do I have to teach you....eveything I know?? That might take a few minutes... MPDR

I think your english is great for an oil painter. MPDR My spanish is not too good. I will have to take one of your spanish classes.