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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lemon Meringue

watercolor 14 x 14

Did someone say they wanted a piece of the pie? How does Lemon Meringue sound. This one is guaranteed NOT to have any calories so you might as well have two.
I wanted to use complementary colors on this one.
Stay hungry!!


Unknown said...

This is one of your best watercolor. As you know, I'm a damn jealous. This which you did, It's almost impossible to improve your colors. The meringue, is meringue, the lemon. is lemon and the lace cloth is perfect. I'm very glad for you.
I hope you give to your students something like that at your workshops. MPDR.

Kathy said...

Hi Julian...there was a whole pie here the other dsy but people were eating it. You are lucky to come just in time to get the last piece! MPDR. I hope you like lemon..I made you a red (cherry)one the other day but you did not come for coffee.MPDR
Right now I am teaching my students fall landscapes (with red) and tomorrow will be #3. I will be posting those soon. I have one more pie to paint. Guess what it will be.
As always, thanks for your much appreciated comments.

Kathy said...

Oppz...Julian...this is the 3rd pie that I painted. I didn't post the other two yet. So you can still come for coffee and have some pie. How long would it take to get from Spain to the USA? Just flap your wings. MPDR

irinasztukowski said...

Oh, no!!! this is my favorite. I am drooling right now :)
So scrumptious and so deliciously looking!

thank you,

Kathy said...

Irina....any pie is good pie. lol. I hope it was tasty. Thanks for stopping by.