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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

watercolor 7 x 11

This was a demo that I did a few weeks ago at the senior center in town. No, you do not have to be a senior to attend the class, or to teach it. We had a blast. At the end, I showed them how to add snow and glitter to really make it festive. I also made this into a card for Christmas. Enjoy.

Back to decorating for me. I just finished my 10 ft. tree in the living room. It has 2,000 lights on it. A bunch of gold bows, gold beaded garland and 268 ornaments. I think I still have more ornaments to put on this tree, but I did not get that box up yet. I think there are some in the boxes that have the village in it. I am getting there. By the end of the week I plan to have all of the decorating done. Whew. Then to think of writing out my cards and baking. My envelopes are all calligraphied. There is still time for you to come and help out :)


Susan Roux said...

Beautiful colors on your holly! It brings such a soft feeling to a hard plant...

Kathy said...

Thanks Susan. I went and framed the original and I have it hanging in my kitchen. The original does look prettier. It is hard to capture the glitter, white and gold with the camera.

My Christmas card this year is another holly done in green tones. I will be posting that in about a week after I snail mail them. I, too, like the different spin on the holly by using the softer violets.

Enjoy the season!!!