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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"Get the Lead Out"


The challenge for last week was to paint what you paint with. So...these are some of my supplies. I had to add my sketch book since that is an important tool. I know we don't always sketch as much as we should. But...the more you sketch, the finer you tune your skills. That makes the whole process of painting so much easier.
Enjoy!! and get the lead out.


Prabal said...

Kathy, This is one of the most delightful paintings I have seen in last few days.. You keep your brushes quiet clean I must admit. :)

Ramesh Jhawar said...

There...I see the mops...lol
Wonderful painting, Kathy :)

Kathy said...

My two friends from India stopped by...how nice. Thanks for your comments guys. I was just thinking about you two last night. You guys haven't posted anything lately..hum? Yes Prabal, my brushes look like new even though I use them almost everyday. If you treat your brushes well...they will treat you well. lol. I never leave them in the water, either. I charge my students 25 cents if I see their brushes in the water. The red mops are those "special" mops:)) Have a great week.

R.M. Smith said...

A great idea. Can't wait to try it.

Studio at the Farm said...

What a wonderful painting! At first, I mistook it for a photo, but it is So much more.

Kathy said...

Rick, I charge them 50 cents if it is one of my brushes that they leave in the water. lol.

Catherine...in my study, I painted a boarder all around 3 walls. It contains stuff that I paint, sew, read or calligraphy with. I think you would like seeing that. lol Thanks for your comments :))