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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gibson Woods

14" x 21"

Located in Hessville, Indiana is a park called Gibson Woods.  Lived out this way when we first got married 37 years ago...Oh MY!!  Time goes by fast when you are having fun!!



Precioso, como todos tu paisajes de invierno, que los he seguido muy de cerca.

Unknown said...

I guess the flashing
of lights in the distance,
are marking my return.
They are the same that lighted,
with their pale reflections,
deep hours of pain.
And although I didn't want to go back,
I always return to first love.
The quiet street where the echo said:
"Yours is her life, her love is yours"
under the mocking look of the stars
that with indifference see me again today.

Kathy said...

Julian...so are you a writer now too?