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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Steel Mills

Steel Mills
7" x 10"

Continuing on with my collection on INDUSTRY.  The show is complete and delivered.  It opens on Feb. 14 at White Ripple Gallery, 6725 Kennedy Ave, Hammond, IN. 7-10.  

Glad I got all of this done ahead of time.  I did want to complete 25 paintings but I did manage 23.  Been down with a bout of the flu for a week.  Never been that down.  As they say....the show must go on....


Diane Hoeptner said...

Kathy, wanted to see more of your art after DPW challenge. Your industry paintings are wonderful! They look like a slice of life from my neck of the woods (Ohio.) Good luck with the show, feel better sooooon!

Kathy said...

thanks Diane...the show is all hung and now I am working on the food. What part of Ohio? I have been to Columbus many of times.