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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Indiana Snow Barn

watercolor 14 x 21 / pencil sketch 5 x 7

I decided to paint one of the local barns that we see a lot of in Indiana. I want to get the snow out of my system so that I can start painting flowers for spring.
I am also enclosing the pencil value sketch that I did first to plan out this painting. This I do to plan the composition, design and values.
I hope we are done with the snow for this season. Come on spring!!


Prabal said...

Loved this one, especially the trees and the foliage behind. Amazing to see your patience in doing so many branches and twigs in the trees. It really makes the painting stand out.

Ron Morrison said...

I know the feeling, just one more, gotta get this done before I get on to the next subject. I think I am up to around two thousand "just one mores". Looks good...

Kathy said...

Prabal..thanks! I do not have alot of patience lol, but I love to do trees. Right now there are no leaves on our trees so we can see all of the branches. I guess you can say that I like "branching out".
Ron, Glad you understand the "just one more" theory. lol And, it's not over till it is over!

sijimon.s said...

you have to teach me how to paint snow!ur very gud in creating the atmosphere!!!composition of trees,house,,snow r commntabl...!looking forward to c more..!


Kathy said...

Simon, I would love to teach you how to paint snow. Just come on over and we can paint all day. That would be lots of fun!!