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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Chicago series-IX

7" x 11"

Here is #9 in my little Chicago series.  These I made for my solo show which was "One Hour From Home."  Since I do not like to travel, I wanted to show how you can find subjects all around you if only we would open our eyes.  These little paintings that are 9" x 11" are matted to 12" x 16" and these I painted to be your postcard from taking my trip through my paintings.

There were 10 barns, 10 dunes and 10 Chicago scenes.  It is hard to believe that this Wednesday the show comes down. Where did that month go?   So you still have a chance to go to the Chesterton Gallery in Chesterton, Indiana.


AK said...

Love the light in the door way.

renate said...

Hello Kathy:) I wish you so much fun and good luck with your show. The barns serie was my favorite. I'm sure you will have a lot of positive comments!

Kathy said...

Thanks AK and Renate...I think the dunes were my favorite. The show comes down on Wednesday...boy did time fly.