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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Round Jug

watercolor 12 x 21 still life

Setting up some fall "stuff" in the studio to paint from. Thought I would do a few still lifes. Today it rained...a lot. But boy...did we have some great skys and clouds. It is hard to drive and photograph while you are on the expressway. But at least I wasn't texting.


Studio at the Farm said...

Very cool painting of fall "stuff"! HOW do you manage to paint so well, so quickly - I would truly like to know.

Kathy said...

Thanks Catherine. I do appreciate that you come to my blog and you take time to leave comments. The more we paint, the better we get at it. I started in wc class in 1970. So I have been doing it a LONG time. As a kid I always did some kind of art. But this is what I do and I do it all of the time. Need I have to say... I love what I do and I get paid to do it :))) Have a great day!!