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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mini 5" x 7" #15

5" x 7" watercolor - landscape $50 matted

Just five more to post. Been working on the matting and framing, too.


Kathy said...

Oppz...Just realized that I did not post #12, #13, #14. I did on FB but I am running a few paintings behind here. I will post them in the days to come. So do come back :)

irinasztukowski said...

This mini is cute and very dynamic. The yellow three is totally a winner. My eyes are driven to it no matter where I start looking.
The advantage of the small painting is that it attracts by its simplicity yet you need to place enough information to have your eyes to be entertained :)
Thank you Kathy,

Kathy said...

Thanks Irina for your comments and thoughts. The small ones are easier to sell...not only because of price, but people have room to display the smaller ones. We do all sizes to practise our skills. Smaller, simplier....but sometime they take a bit more time to plan the pattern and composition.
Do come back :))))