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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Prairie on Canvas Board

6" x 12"

Found this neat board when I was in Chicago a few weeks ago. It was a canvas board with a cradle (?) Thought I would give it a try. It was different. I almost pulled out my acrylics. It didn't respond to transparent wc like paper does. It would even lift off. That would be great if you made a mistake. I just wanted to paint thick on it. I am going to do this composition again but on paper...watch for it.


Prabal said...

I just love the volume you have created in the forground grass. And the mood is just perfect. NIce place for a picnic. What say??

Kathy said...

You name the date and time and I will make you a really nice lunch and I will take you all around Indiana. We can even go up to Chgo. for that deep dish pizza we keep talking about.

Glad you like it. Will post the new version that I just finished on wc paper....tomorrow. I did post it on FB.

Thanks for your frinedship!!

Studio at the Farm said...

It is indeed a beautiful composition, and the colors are great. I look forward to seeing it re-done.

M R Anand said...

water colours on canvas...that must have been a great challenge...love the yellows and the reflections!

Kathy said...

HI Catherine and M. R.

Thanks for stopping by and for taking the time to comment. There is wc canvas (by Fredrick) but this I thought was a canvas on a board with a cradle around it (which I have to stain or varnish). I thought it was a clayboard...but not. I bought it because it is a cute size. lol.

AS artists we need to try new things...lol. Have a great day!!

Mercedes Peña said...

Kathy, you always surprise me with beautiful and colourful pictures, but this one is simply perfect. A daring painting that take us to an ideal place. I love it.

Kathy said...

Mercedes...you are just too kind. I fell in love with this canvas when I saw it. It was the perfect size. I wouldn't say it was the right surface for watercolor. But it was a challenge and that is what it is all about. I am going to post the one that I did on paper now....do come back.