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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mini Demo

5" x 7" watercolor

Been tied up here. My mom fell and is in the hospital with a broken hip and pneumonia. She needs to get a hip replacement. She is 88 years old. Been spending time at the hospital with her. Classes also began so they are keeping me busy, too.
In these first few weeks back we are doing little 5" x 7" paintings, just to get back into the swing of things...This was one of the quick demos that I did.
Today I was showing them how to make really dark backgrounds for florals and still lifes and how to paint a quick rose with just a few brush strokes. Next week one of my classes will be having a paint off. This should be interesting.


Annie said...

You make great small watercolor works!
I wish you the best for your mother
Greetings from Belgium.

Kathy said...

Hi Annie,
Thanks for your comments. Those little paintings take longer than you think. You can't work very loose. I am trying to do a bunch for a show that I am doing in July. Then I will have to mat and frame them.