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Monday, November 16, 2009

Winter Around the Corner

watercolor 22 x 30

This is the painting that was recently accepted into the current exhibit at the Midwest Museum of American Art in Elkhart, IN. When I painted this way back in Jan or Feb I showed you parts of the painting on this blog. Now here is the whole completed painting. It is a full sheet of watercolor paper, so it is a big one. This is a typical winter here where I live...and old man winter will be here soon.


Megha Chhatbar said...

Again a beautiful painting from you. i love the colors..)

Water Color Pencil: Prince George of Persia

Kathy said...

Thanks Megha. Wait till you see the one that I am painting right now. My eyes needed a rest. It is one for Christmas and another big one. Keep on painting on...K

Patricia said...

Its beautiful Kathy...but where are the folding and lawn chairs?

jane ward said...

What a lovely piece, it's great working big sometimes if not a little daunting.