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Friday, September 24, 2010

Picasso's Kids-Chicago

watercolor 21 x 14

What is it?? While I was in Chicago a few weeks ago taking photos for future paintings, I stopped at Daley Center (named after Richard J. Daley former mayor). The 50 foot sculpture was first a small 13" sculpture that they commissioned Picasso to do. He did not accept a commission for this art work. The finished piece was created at U.S. Steel in Gary, Indiana. It is made out of a patented steel called Cot-ten Steel. A steel that would rust gracefully and would never have to be painted.
Some say it is Picasso's dog, or his wife, or a wolf. When seen from the northeast angle, you can see the silhouette of Richard Daley's head. The building behind is made out of the same Cor-Ten Steel. There are lots of festivities held at the Daley Center, including the big Christmas Tree and little outdoor shops at Christmas time. During sports events, a team hat has been placed on the head of this piece.
It was really interesting to see all these little children trying to climb the sculpture. That is why I titled this painting, "Picasso's Kids"


Julián Andrade said...

Eyes should be a bit more together. Why you think you are Picaso?. MPDR. I hope not to scare to your followers with my nonsense.
I think this painting has movement, children they look like to be playing and have a good time. I like it.

Kathy said...

Hi Julian...Thanks for your comments. Picasso has glasses on order and they should be coming in any day now. Very stylish. MPDR
I thought I saw you climbing it but had to look closer...it was Tim. It is a strange sculpture but a fun area to just sit and watch people.