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Monday, April 18, 2011

Demo at the Indiana Visitor's Center

watercolor 14 x 21

Today I did this painting at the Indiana Visitor's Center in Hammond, Indiana. It is such a lovely place. I do not stand and paint, and I do not work on an easel...but I did it today and the painting was completed in less than an hour. Do you know the name of this flower?


Vinayak said...

Amazing painting! Very well done. The flower looks justa litle bit like a sunflower, but I dont know for sure.
Best wishes,

Prabal said...

WOW Kathy.. This is so nice.. Painting on easel is a nice experience. I do it sometimes.

Megha Kapoor said...

beautiful!you can name this as sleeping sunflower.

Kathy said...

Thanks Vinayak...they may be from the sunflower family...but they are smaller. Glad that you like it.
Prabal...I didn't know how I was going to do it for the group. I knew they didn't have the overhead mirror and if I sat, people wouldn't see it well. So I thought what the heck...At least my knees didn't give out. I also painted this with mop brushes. Glad you like it.
Thanks megha thanks for your compliments.

Ok...I think they are called "galardias" (not sure of the spelling).

Felicia Follum said...

I second the galardia answer. This is beautiful. The colors were so vivid that I had to go back and check that it was watercolor. Congrats on challenging yourself to do something different, it seemed to work quite well.

Julián Andrade said...

I'm terribly sorry, Kathy, but I couldn't find it in my botany book. Maybe Rudbeckia?. MPDR. In any case, your students will have learned something from so good master.

Kathy said...

Julian, you are the flower title master. If you say this is not the name, then it isn't (but what do you know :) MPDR. I looked it up in the dictionary to spell it and they don't even know about this flower yet. MPDR
You should have been there so you could have learned something. MPDR Your flower name sounds familiar too. Whatever flower it is, they grow like crazy!! Maybe it is called "Crzy Flower."

@ Felicia...I think you and I are both right. I will just humor Julian and let him think he is right. Glad you liked this demo. It was an easy one to do for some reason. It just flowed and I was surprised how it turned out for only 45 minutes. Thanks for stopping by!!

Julián Andrade said...

Hi, Kathy, I'm learning to paint watercolors just by seeing at yours, thanks to that I don't spend my money in your expensive workshops, now, I'm a man rich.MPDR. But, I'd like know how to put in my blog your fantastic signboard, which I envy a lot, " I did the painterworks challenge!".

Kathy said...

Hi Julian...You may be a rich man for not coming to my workshops and demo, but I am a starving artist. They were able to come to this for free and I did not get paid for doing it. MPDR So send food.

I wish I could give you instructiongs about the signboard but it is always a hit and miss thing and it takes a long time to figure out. If I knew what I was doing, that header would come to the right side more. I thought you have photos on your blogs...or did you want to put mine on yours. MPDR