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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fall Barn -Demo 2

watercolor 14 x 21 landscape $75

Here is another demo that I did for my students. Using a limited palette I did this fall scene for them. This is a common scene for my area. Enjoy.


Prabal said...

I must tell you that you live in a beautiful place, because this is beautiful. This must also be keeping you warm during the winters. :) And is this the one that you did for that evening demo the other day?

Sparrowhawk said...

nice warm colours! thanks for sharing..

Kathy said...

Prabal...first off...I don't want you to think I live in a barn...lol. I do live in a great area...about 45 min. away I can find barns, in the other direction I can find Chicago and in another direction I hit the Indiana dunes with one of our big lakes. We also have about 7 gambling boats along this lake show :)))
yes, I did this for the evening class and I have one more to post which was Fridy mornings class demo. Keep watching....Thanks for stopping by :)

Kathy said...

Thanks Sparrowhawk..colors will be changing next month. Leaves will be falling, too. Feel free to come and rake.... :)

Eugen said...

Beautiful! I love limited palette harmony! Which colors did you use?