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Monday, May 21, 2012

Short Order

9" x 15"

The first day that the urban sketchers decided to go and sketch...it rained.  We were going to sketch the Griffith, Indiana train depot.  Well, since it was raining, we ended up at the corner restaurant.  These are the two cooks that were on duty at the time.  It was interesting sketching in the restaurant...got some other ideas that may also become paintings.


renate said...

Hello Kathy:) A very good excuse to visit a restaurant! We all believe it:):) Love your sketch!

Kathy said...

Hi Renate...who said I was a starving artist? I have a few more sketches of this restaurant that I drew...they may become paintings, too. Got to get all of my flowers planted first.

Thanks for your comments. Have a great weekend.

Dawn B said...

Just surfing Daily PW and landed on your work via the Lady Bug.... nice. I enjoy watercolor as well. This one in the cafe/restraunt, what is the size and would you sell it ? If so what price?
Thank you,
Dawn Bunetta