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Friday, June 8, 2012

Flood Farm-Columbus, Indiana

watercolor 7" x 10"

Four years ago today while picking up some paintings in Columbus, Indiana, Tim and I had gotten caught up in the floods that they were having at the time.  We had no idea that this was happening until all of the roads were closed and we could not get back to our hotel.  The waters were coming towards us and from the sides.  The dams from the river (6 miles away) had all broken and water was everywhere. We saw some farmers (Kenny and Bernie) standing and watching in dismay and I said to Tim...we have to stop and take them with us ...somewhere.  It turns out they took us in.

We hurriedly grabbed a bunch of food, water and threw it in a Longaberger basket and headed up to the hayloft.  The water was up to our knees by then.  We had been up there for a while and now it was getting dark...the boats were coming, we could hear them in the distance.  We flashed my camera flash and then our car horn and lights.  The boat came and took us to a shelter at the high school.  We spent the night at the shelter.  The next day when the waters were down, the family of the farmers took us to their home.  They put on this big breakfast for us and treated us like family.  Their son was the corner and we were going to meet him one way or the other.  lol.  Their daughter was the head at the emergency room at the hospital that was also flooded.  These folks didn't know us from Adam and they let us take their newer van home. since we had to leave our car there for a month to get fixed ($7,000 damage to a year old car.  sad).

Tim went back the next day to return their car and helped them with their mess...Water up almost up to their ceiling in their basement.

That little window in the middle of the page is where we stayed.    To the left of the middle barn were the cows.  I will never forget that sound of the cows as they were in the water in the barn right under us.  Fortunately, only one cow didn't make it.

We have made some dear friends. Their family was happy that we were there with them...and we were really happy that they were there for us.  We are still friends.


Jean Nelson Paintings and Photography said...

Amazing story, Kathy. Love the fact that you were both thinking of helping the other and later became great friends.

Amit Kapoor said...

Lovely bold watercolour. Beautiful...

renate said...

Hello Kathy:) What should that have been exciting! That there are still such dear people in the world. What will this painting be especially for you. I can see that you have placed much feeling in there. It is wonderful!

Kathy said...

Thanks everyone...we went to see them last week but they were not home. So...i just went and took a bunch of photos. We will be going back down there soon so we will see them then.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Anonymous said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing.