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Friday, January 11, 2013

"Shades of Gray"- Step by Step

14" x 21"


Mercedes Peña said...

Thank you Kathy for these wonderful lessons. I love this winter landscape, which we never can see in Seville.
Best regards

Kathy said...

Mercedes...too bad you can not experience the snow...but it must be lovely in Seville. Glad you like the lesson. lol. Have a great weekend, Kathy

Ramesh Jhawar said...

Loved the step by step development of the painting, Kathy! I too think of taking photographs in between while I work but forget to do it every time! Perhaps I should ask someone, probably my wife, to do it for me..lol

Kathy said...

Ramesh, it is good to do this and then see where you should have stopped. lol. I usually forget too take photos too.

M.R. Anand said...

This is so cool, thanks for sharing the progressive wip pictures.

Kathy said...

Thanks M.R. glad you like it. The painting that I just finished, I also took WIP photos so maybe in a few days I will post that one too. Sharing is what it is all about. enjoy!