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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Jam NIght at Paul Henry's

14" x 21"

There is a gallery called "Paul Henry's" in downtown Hammond, Indiana.  Dave Mueller is the owner.  In the painting, he is the one on the left standing in the doorway.  This gallery is an old hardware store that belonged to his dad.  He kept most of it the same and now sells art work from it.  

Every Thursday night they have a jam night.  It starts with a pot luck and then people come to sing, play music and recite poetry.  I did this painting of one of the jam nights.  I had it made into gicle' prints (lg. 14" x 21", small and cards).  Tonight...I will be at the jam night signing my prints. Come on by and eat a little, sing a lot, and get your signed print.  I promise you I will not be singing.  It will make a great Christmas gift for yourself or for a friend.

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art said...

nice genre painting!