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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Steel Mills

Steel Mills
7" x 10"

Continuing on with my collection on INDUSTRY.  The show is complete and delivered.  It opens on Feb. 14 at White Ripple Gallery, 6725 Kennedy Ave, Hammond, IN. 7-10.  

Glad I got all of this done ahead of time.  I did want to complete 25 paintings but I did manage 23.  Been down with a bout of the flu for a week.  Never been that down.  As they say....the show must go on....


Diane L Hoeptner said...

Kathy, wanted to see more of your art after DPW challenge. Your industry paintings are wonderful! They look like a slice of life from my neck of the woods (Ohio.) Good luck with the show, feel better sooooon!

Kathy said...

thanks Diane...the show is all hung and now I am working on the food. What part of Ohio? I have been to Columbus many of times.