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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


What does this have to do with my art? Bet most of you did not know that I am a Longaberger consultant. A what? I sell baskets and pottery for this great company in Ohio. The baskets are all hand made. I am having an open house Aug. 22 & 23 so I was telling a basket buddy about this idea I came up with. Maybe you can use it for something too.
One of our Christmas baskets is called the "peppermint twist." So I made this special tree. My guests will take a mint. I put a little circle into each mint with a number 1,2,3, and then A & B. This will determine the gift that they will receive.
Check out our baskets at: www.longaberger.com/kathyrathburn
Feel free to place an order!!!

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Anonymous said...

I have come into a piece of pottery with "Rathburn" etched on bottom. It is a vase about 8-9 inches tall and has a blue botanical immage on front. Are you familiar with it?