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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Path Along the River

watercolor 14 x 21 landscape

This is another painting of Chagrin Falls. I think it might be my last in this series. I wanted to challenge myself to use green paint since I find this a hard color to work with. It's not easy being green.


jose luis lópez (Kubi) said...

Como siempre, una acuarela preciosa.
Un abrazo.

Studio at the Farm said...

Judging from your Chagrin Falls paintings, I'd say you are doing very well with the greens!

Kathy said...

Hi Jose...Thanks...I think. I only know english. lol

Catherine...Thank you, too...but they are so green. lol. Not a color I like unless it is with a flower. The next painting will not be green :)

Ramesh Jhawar said...

This is so nicely painted, Kathy! I like the soft diffused washes.

Kathy said...

Thanks Ramesh...I have been trying to leave comments on some of the lovely work that you have been doing, but it will not post it. You are rocking!! :)