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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Urn-plein air

watercolor 15 x 11 floral $50

Today was a fundraiser for children at a local hospital. It was a garden walk and I was asked to paint in the gardens. I was also able to sell my work :) and I had a new student sign up for my watercolor classes :))

I have never seen the beauty of a garden like I have in this one. It had many statues and waterfalls and so much lush green foliage. It was so peaceful. I will be going back to do more painting here again. I took a bunch of photos so you know what my next series will be....do come back.


jose luis lópez (Kubi) said...

Preciosa acuarela. A veces tenemos cerca de nosotros un bonito jardín o escena y no somos capaces de descubrirlo. Me alegro de que te hayas fijado en él y te sirva de inspiración para las bellas acuarelas a las que nos tienes acostumbrados.
Un abrazo.

Kathy said...

Jose....can you translate this for me...Thanks for taking the time to write it. I hope it is good :)