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Friday, October 7, 2011

Hand Challenge

watercolor 5" x 7" $40 matted

This past week's challenge on the daily paintworks was to paint your hand. It is Friday and I am finally getting around to doing this. I have been so busy painting those little 20 paintings for the gala fundraiser.

Tonight I went to the Michigan City Art walk and opening of the Southern Shores Member's show. It couldn't have been a better night and I was with some great friends. Had an awesome time and it was good to get out of the studio for a few hours.

This is the new Parker Ingenuity 5th Mode Fountain Pen (also known as a writing instrument) that came out Oct. 1. It was delivered this week. Fun!!


Prabal said...

Is that your hand Kathy. It must be because it looks very pretty. :)

Kathy said...

Yes that is my hand...so if you ever need a hand with something...you can use mine. Hope you had a good day today. It is sooooooo lovely out here in Indiana.