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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

mini 5" x 7" #9

5" x 7" watercolor landscape $50

Tonight I was cutting mats for all of these paintings. The chairwoman of the gala said it was too big of a donation to give the originals. So, I went and had copies made at the office supply store on card stock. They actually turned out pretty good just for a copy. So I made 20 mats for the copies and then 20 double mats for the originals. I will frame them all and hopefully I will sell the originals this holiday season....Get yours early. lol.

I will be so sore tomorrow morning from cutting these mats. What we do in the name of art...because this is what we do.


Sparrowhawk said...

this series is coming out beautifully! I like the glow of the sun in the background and the ease with which you are handling the blues and purples!

Mary Paquet said...

Your series is very nice. I love the spareness with which you convey the beauty of the landscape.

Kathy said...

Thanks to you both. Last night I was cutting all of the matts and then tonight I was doing some of the framing...I thought you would both show up. lol. You both probably don't even live in the US...So leave your home town now. LOL Have a great day.