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Monday, February 6, 2012

Bouquet in White

18" x 28"


This was this weeks challenge on the daily paintworks site. We had to do a painting with all white objects. I had chosen to do all white flowers...maybe I just really wanted some flowers to help think of spring? I will never tell.


Maria's Watercolor said...

So beautiful, I am also ready for Spring! Love the composition you created here.

Studio at the Farm said...

Really beautiful, Kathy. I love how you painted the chrysanthemums.

Kathy said...

Hi Maria...we are ready for spring and now we are getting a light dusting of snow here in Indiana. Pretty soon and then everyone will be painting pretty flowers... Don't want to think about having to prep the gardens and plant the flowers...Maybe we should just paint them. Thanks so much for your comments :)

Kathy said...

Hi Catherine...you know your flowers. I will paint more of these white flowers. I really wanted to throw one of my black backrounds on this one, but the challenge said it all had to represent white. I probably should have kept it lighter...but you know me and how much I love contrast. Thanks for stopping by.

Arena Shawn said...

Love the blue-purple wash that ties the whole painting together, and the off-centered composition!

I miss the snow in Indiana, and the first wild flowers that peek through them...