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Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Bleeding Hearts

14" x 21"

Boy did I get so many lovely bleeding hearts on my two bushes this year. This is also the longest season that they have been blooming. It rained today so they may be gone tomorrow. These are one of my favorite flowers. I painted this about a week or so ago...I don't remember if I posted it here yet or not. LOL.


Mercedes Peña said...

Nice flowers. I think we call them in Spain "pendientes de la reina", and they are blossoming now.
Thank you for the idea!

Kathy said...

Mercedes....that is a long name for a flower. I will let you call them "bleeding Hearts" Go outside and paint yours on location. I did that last year and painted 2 small ones. It was alot of fun. Still is chilly here to go out and paint.