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Monday, April 9, 2012


6" x 14"

I decided to start using up all these frames that I am sure that we all have. Maybe they are recycled from other paintings, some we bought at garage sales, and some at our local craft shops. With the art fairs just around the corner...time to get busy and use these frames. I am going to start doing smaller paintings since people have more room for smaller ones and we can keep the price down.


Julián Andrade said...

Hi Kathy, you have done a very good reflection, I'm talking about what people buy, the others, the painting reflections are well done also. I would like say to you that I feel completely destroyed and discouraged by your pineaple.MPDR. I've always wanted to paint one, but I only got it to paint on oil. I suppose you didn't it from a picture, didn't you?

Kathy said...

Hi Julian. Thanks for all of your kind comments. Try the pineapple. You will do it even better. You can paint it so nice and loose.

My local grocery store remodled and expanded and it is really huge. They now have vegetables from your country. MPDR I always carry my camera in my purse (I am sure you do too) and I took a bunch of photos and worked from them. Today the cards came in that I had made of them. Send me your home address in an email and I will mail you one of the cards. They are gicle' prints and you can frame it in one of your old frames.

Kathy said...
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