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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fall workshop

7" x 11"

Doing a fall mini workshop at the senior center in Griffith, Indiana on Monday, Oct. 21.  The time is from 1 till 4.  The fee is only $35 and is an all inclusive...you just come and I will have all of the supplies for you. If you can not draw, do not worry, I will even provide a drawing for you to trace if need be.  We have a lot of fun in these little workshops.  email me at:  Ktr1976@aol.com     Hope to see you in the workshop.


Azra said...

Your fall paintings are just beautiful!! I wish I lived nearby, the workshop sounds like a lot of fun !

Kathy said...

Azra...too bad you do not live near by...where do you live? Thanks for your kind comments.

Kathy said...

It went really well today. The next workshop will be a poinsettia on Nov. 18...