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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Watching the Heads Go By

14" x 21"

In the city of Chicago you can find these headless sculptures.  There are 106 of them on the south end of Grant Park.  They are 9 feet tall.  The name of these headless pieces is called Agora. They are kinda strange to see but neat at the same time.  enjoy!!


Katherine Thomas said...

This is a great painting! At first I thought the headless people were your concept for the piece and I was curious to hear the reason... That's really interesting that these are sculptures. Is there a plaque somewhere explaining the artist's vision? I love how you've portrayed them, with the city softened in the background. (I do love Chicago, too)

Kathy said...

Agora is a greak word I believe that means meeting place or market place. the people are coming and going in all directions. I believe the artist is a polish artist but I do not remember the name.

I had put people in the painting sitting on the bench and they are counting heads...my way of saying that they are sitting and doing nothing...lol.

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