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Thursday, May 13, 2010


watercolor 7 x 11 matted 12 x 16

When I painted my last entry the "Bean of Chicago" I wasn't even thinking about my reflection series. I was just thinking about adding another painting to my Chicago series. But here is another demo that I did showing my students how to paint reflections. Enjoy.


Prabal said...

This is very beautiful again.. Your reflection series is just brilliant.. I am loving it. :)

p.s I did have a great time in the dance concert. I am doing a painting now on it. I'll post it soon.

Kathy said...

Thanks Prabal. I think flowers will be coming next since I plan to start planting this weekend. I thought I was going to paint tonight, but straightened up the studio instead. I have class tomorrow am.
Can't wait to see it...do you need a model. lol

Julián Andrade said...

You painted the reflection very well and also the rocks. Your style remember me to Tony Couch who never gave me any class on watercolor. MPDR. I'm looking forward to seeing your flowers but I'm sure they'll be very good.

Kathy said...

Hi Julian...glad you like the reflections. I have one of Tony's books. I will have to check it out to see if this is a compliment. MPDR I am just finishing up a tulip that I will be teaching in a class June 4 at the senior center...are you going to be there. How long is it from Spain? Maybe you should leave now.
I am also going to make a packet of it where I give them step by step details on how to paint it.
Take it easel, K

Julián Andrade said...

Sorry Kathy , but I'll not be able to arrive on time. I would need 9 hours on plane so I prefer go on ship to be late. MPDR. I'll see your tulip If I like it, I'll tell you that I don't like. MPDR.
Do you like the work of crochet?. My daugther has a blog about that at Hilo Coqueto, with better Engish than mine.

Kathy said...

Hi Julian. Today's card workshop went well. They painted flowers. YOu were not there. So it is a 9 hour trip to Spain. After that amount of time, your arms must get tired. MPDR If you like my tulip flower, you will tell me that you don't.? So everytime you gave me a compliment, you meant the opposite :( Not MPDR