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Monday, May 3, 2010

Winter in Chicago

watercolor 30 x 22

I wanted to do a painting of Water Tower so after I drew it all out, I had to decide what would be the best way to show this beautiful building. I thought of the dark contrast of a night scene. Then once I did that, then I thought this reminds me of the times I was there in the winter. I loved walking around the tower at this time of year...Christmas. They offer these neat carriage rides so you can see the whole city. Did you know, that this is one of the only buildings that survived the Chicago Fire? Ironic, isn't it.


Elizabeth Seaver said...

The size of this painting is impressive to match the building itself. This is very striking with the building in lights, night sky and snow. Nice one, Kathy.

Kathy said...

Elizabeth...Thank you so much. It was a challenge because of the size and I did a few layers of wash for the sky. I will look at it for a day or two and see what kind of tweaking it might need. But I really do appreciate your comments:)

Julián Andrade said...

Yes, it is a huge watercolor and one can imagine in winter at night and such how it is represented. Which paper did you use?

Kathy said...

Ok. now it is official. I have Julian's comment. Now I can post the next painting. lol.
I used 300# Lana (lanaquelle) wc paper. Hot Press so that made it more of a challenge.
Happy Cinco de Myo (how ever you spell it) :)