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Monday, May 24, 2010

Rose I

watercolor 10 x 14

I decided to paint another type of flower..this time I am painting roses. I have been planting my gardens the last few days. Today it was 97 degrees. This is August weather.
And...I stepped on a bee today. He got mad and stung me right in the ball of my foot and then that made me even madder. It still hurts.


Prabal said...

How could you step on a bee.. I thought bees are supposed to be flying. LOL..
Bee stings are really very painful and irritating. But dont worry, it will be all right soon.
Coming to the painting your 'flower power' is amazing.. When you paint flowers you are at a different level all together. This one is very freash and lovely too. The greens that you have been using of late is also very good and compliments those flowers so well.

Kathy said...

Hi Prabal. I was having my front doors replaced so the entry way to my house was open. When I stepped on the bee, it was in the house...that was even worse. It is alot better, but it still hurts. lol
I am glad that you like the rose. The green that I use the most is olive green. If you do not have this color, take your green and then add some burnt sienna to warm your green up. Green can be so raw. I like making mine instead of using them from the tube. I have two more to this series, but watch how I am repeating the colors in the background.

Julián Andrade said...

I'm sorry your bee sting, fortunatelly it wasn't on your hands so you could paint this beautiful rose. No wasp stung me, but unfortunately I don't know how to paint roses yet. MPDR.

Kathy said...

Julian, If I walked on my hands then it would have stung my hands..that would not be good for painting. Can you picture me walking on my hands...the money would fall out of my pocket. MPDR
Ddi you plant all of your flowers? Come on over and help me finish mine...I am weak from the bee sting and could use your help. Flower side up. Hopefully I will post another painting tonight.