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Friday, January 22, 2010

Even When It Snows, It Still Flows.

watercolor 12 x 18 matted 18 x 24

Painting the acrylic painting yesterday was fun. I will be trying that again so stay tuned. But today I went back to my traditional wc with no tricks or gimmicks. Just your basic watercolor.

My framer brought me the frames that I ordered and also my gicle' prints. I had prints made up of the Hydrangea. Also had some cards made. The great thing about "My Framer/Printer Guy" is that I don't have to purchase 1,000 prints. He just makes me purchase 1,000 frames. He does ship and has great prices.


Julián Andrade said...

I have been without Internet for several days, today is the first I can go back watching your watercolors again and I can see how your paintings are more complicated with new included elements which are doing them more interesting. Answering your question I think there is eight hours of diference from USA to Spain.

Ramesh Jhawar said...

Very beautiful! Was this the painting you were doing while we chatted?

Aruna N Sarode said...

Nice painting. I like your handling of water. It can be very difficult.

Kathy said...

Julian, welcome back!! I can get more complicated with a bigger sheet of paper. Glad you like it, but it is still a snow scene:)

Ramesh, yes, this is the painting I was working on when I talked to you...thanks for the inspiration.

Aruna..Thank you. I always want it to be loose when I start, but then I go and tighten it up. I guess that is just my style.