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Monday, January 4, 2010

Twin Pines

watercolor 15 x 22 mated to 18 x 24

This is a painting that I will be doing for the Chesterton Art Center on Saturday, Feb. 6. Call me or the center if you want to join our workshop. I video taped it also so there will be a DVD of it that will be available.
Now I have an idea to paint a barn tomorrow...will it have snow on it??? Is there another snow scene in me? Come back and see.


Julián Andrade said...

Wonderful colors with light thru the trees, yes I´ll come back tomorrow and I´ll see the new snowed watercolor.

Kathy said...

Just delivered a few paintings to this restaurant that displays my work. They just sold 3 of my painting so I had to bring them more :)
Now I have to get motivated to paint so you can see my new one. I think I need some chocolate first.