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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tangerine Tango Jug

watercolor 5" x 7"

This was last week's challenge for the dailypaintworks. We had to paint anything we wanted with the color of the year. Did you know that the color of the year for 2012 is "Tangerine Tango?" Well I didn't either. I should have known that when I bought my last purse in......yep...tangerine tango.


Studio at the Farm said...

WOW, I love the colors in this, Kathy.

Kathy said...

Thanks so much Catherine. Happy Chinese New Year. I think it might be a good day for some chinese food. lol. Thanks for stopping by.

Prabal said...

Can you please tell me whether Tangerine Tango is a warm color or cool color. Or is it neutral. LOL... By the way I loved the colors in this painting..

Kathy said...

Prabal my friend....Tangerine Tango is a sweet color :)) It's the hot color for this year so I guess it is warm. lol Thanks for stopping by.