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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Places to Eat and Drink Series... # 2 "Stopping for a Warm Bowl of Soup"

watercolor 5 x 7

Come on in and get warm over a home made bowl of soup. Right now it is 9 degrees out. That is just way too cold. I hope this little painting will warm you up.


Elizabeth Seaver said...

This IS a cozy painting. We're getting snow right now, and it is supposed to be below 20 tonight, so this painting is just right for today. I am glad I found your blog. I love your work.

Kathy said...

Thanks Elizabeth! Here in Indiana it was snowing last night. Fortunately, it didn't stick but it sure got cold out..like 10 degrees. The sun is out today and it make your feel warmer. I wanted to catch that warm feeling in this painting. Come back again.

Ron Morrison said...

Here on Vancouver Island, way north of you two its 47 degrees.

I like this painting very much!

Kathy said...

Thanks Ron. I was thinking about doing this painting bigger or in acrylic.
I do have this idea for a painting of cars. You will have to wait till I get it done. I will let you know. I am going to do it bigger than these 5 x 7's.
Send some of that warm weather down here.