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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Another Snow Scene

watercolor 14 x 21

Ok, I think I was entitled to paint another snow scene. It dropped 40 degrees today. And, it was rainy so that brought chills to the bones. Next week they are saying that it will be in the 80's. Only in Chicago...but I am not responsible if it should snow tonight.
This was another experiment on the new watercolor board that my friend wanted me to try. Come see what I will have for you tomorrow.


Sujit Sudhi said...

Fantastic. The colours and the shadows are stunning. Great work. Can't wait to see what's coming tomorrow.

Kathy said...

I just finished another Chicago scene. I will post tomorrow or the next day. It is 4 am now. Thanks for your comments. I love to paint the snow scenes. :)
Well, Kathy has left the studio....

Julián Andrade said...

Hi Kathy, I think is a good idea come back to snow landscapes. I was accostumed to having in this month fine wether but now is comming cold again. I've decided to forbid to you more watercolors of flowers until new order.
This watercolor is terrific, its colors on snow, the background and design are esplendid. I'll have to paint many, many watercolors to get something similar.

Patricia said...

Hate snow but always love your snow scenes. The Chicago pix are great..and yes its your old, wayward student. I left the "Chicago" theater comment too.
Try to check your blog as often as I can. Keep up the fantastic work!

Kathy said...

Julian, Thank you for coming back to my site and commenting...Thanks for your permission to paint the snow. I was afraid to wake up to snow on the ground. It is really cold here too. I find the snow painting easy to do since I do so many of them (becasue they sell, lol).

Pat, I thought it might be you. Glad you keep coming and watching my blog. You can see that I have really been trying alot of different subjects and techniques..that is the only way to grow as an artist. Glad you like the work. Hope you are painting.

Roopika said...

Love the intricate but carefree branches of the tree on the right - it's like a stalwart protector of the little home.

Living in a tropical country makes me yearn for snow-scenes - and therefore, updates from your blog! Paint on, Kathy!