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Sunday, April 11, 2010


watercolor 7" x 11"

Thought I would take a break from Chicago and do a painting of the Magnolias that are now in bloom. It is sad that they do not stay around for long, but they are pretty while they are here. The fruit trees are beginning to bloom, too. Take time out to smell the flowers.


Sujit Sudhi said...

Very beautiful. The flower s so soft. And the colours and the diffusion in the background are fantastic.

Kathy said...

Thanks you. I am glad you like the softness of the flower. Purple is one of my favorite colors. I painted it for my nephew who is in the Army and away from home. He is special to me.

Prabal said...

Great again Kathy.. What you are also doing is educating me about flowers.. I never knew what a Magnolia looks like before this..
You nephew is a lucky person for sure.

Kathy said...

Hi Prabal, thanks for stopping by. Glad you like the magnolias...guess you do not have them in India. Sadly, they do not last long.
Now I am drawing out my next painting...hint...Chicago.

Ramesh Jhawar said...

Your magnolias is magnificent :)

Kathy said...

Hi Ramesh...thank you. I am now working on another Chicago scene and I will add a bike to it. It won't be as good as yours. You have been doing some really great paintings lately.