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Monday, March 15, 2010

Chicago Series- #1

watercolor 14 x 21

This is the first in my series of Chicago, Illinois paintings. There is alot of fun, action and neat places to see in Chicago, also known as Chi-town. The photo for this painting was taken up at Lincoln Park where I was exhibiting this past fall. I don't know what the building was...I think it was a restaurant but I do not know the name. This painting could be included in my places to eat and drink series or my fenced in series, too. You take your pick.
I tried to paint looser, but I have a long way to go on that. I did have fun and my painting table shows it. Time to go and clean up and fill the palette.
Come back to see what I will paint next....


Prabal said...

This is a nice one.. You can include it in 'Places to eat or just sit' series :).

gugun said...

Hey Kathy,

this one's really pretty ! I like the lamps .. i love them !

Just a whim - I would also like to imagine how this would be without the fire hydrant on t foreground ...

Kathy said...

Thanks Prabal...there will be a sitting series coming up...for those that drink your cocktails.

Gugun...I am glas you saw the light. I will have to look at the fire hydrant again and see if you are right. It was in the photo so I kept it there. lol. But the other reason is I wanted the red color to travel around my painting and I thought this would work. The other is of the great fire that Chicago had where it burnt down the whole city. They are all over the place here and in the summer, sometimes the city opens them up for the children to cool off in.