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Monday, March 1, 2010

Purple Rose

watercolor 14 x 20

My friend, Tina, recently opened up a scrapbook store in Crown Point, Indiana. Friday she received this beautiful bouquet of flowers from her aunt and uncle. I do not know the name of these purple roses but you can get them at the floral shop. Luckily I had my pocket camera in my purse so I took some photos. I would like to do a few paintings in this series for my spring show at Scarborough Faire. We shall see. My studio classes resume this Wednesday so I will not be painting all through the night until May again...or will I?
By the way, it didn't snow today...Maybe roses will fall from the sky tomorrow.


Prabal said...

Some flowers.. again..

Kathy said...

This is only the second one. You will be seeing more soon. We want it to warm up here so that the snow will melt.

Julián Andrade said...

Well, Kathy I'm here again enjoing with this original snow landscape, but It seems to me very much to blue roses, my problem is that now is the first time I know there are so strange colors in roses. I love purple, blue and red colors and how you did it on this watercolor. I look forward to seeing again your watercolors after your spring show in Scarabough. Good lucky !

sijimon.s said...

flowers r awsome,u make it extremly beautiful!!!