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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Places to Eat and Drink Series--#9 In Remembrance of Me

watercolor 7 x 10

While sitting in church Monday night it was so peaceful and the way the light was shinning on the cross, I thought I would take a photo of it. I came to the studio and painted this little painting. This just might be the last in "The Places to Eat and Drink series"...Peace.


Prabal said...

Its amazing how you can do such a painting on such a small paper.. Nice work..

Kathy said...

You have to use the small brushes like a #6, #4 and #2. I even use 1/4" flats. I like painting bigger. But how many big ones can we do? These are easier to sell or give as gifts.
Thanks for your comments Prabal!!

David said...

Say!! I like the title, the subject matter!
Maybe that's because I'm a priest.
Very nice Master!