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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Chicago Theatre

watercolor 21 x 14

Ok, I said I would change the topic of today's painting. No flowers. I live close to Chicago, Illinois so I thought I would go through my file to see what excited me. I decided that I would paint the Chicago theatre. This is a landmark along with the Marshall Field's clock. I wish I could have painted looser but I have to stay true to myself and stay with my style. But at least I have people in the painting.
Chicago is a fun city no matter what season or what time of the day. If you listen closely, you can hear all of the people and the sounds of the city. Enjoy!


Prabal said...

I just loved this.. You should do more of such paintings.

Kathy said...

Thanks Prabal. I would like to do a whole series on Chicago. Dug out my photos and there are alot a neat things to paint in the city. Keep wtching...but tomorrow I am going to teach my students how to paint flowers..opps..you may see some flowers first. lol

Julián Andrade said...

Very interesting and complicated painting, I think it is well resolved and with correct perspective when are people is more difficult. My daugther and my son have been there, so I'll ask them for if you forgot something. Perdon for my silly sentences, I can't avoid it.

Patricia said...

Awesome..and I know its accurate..I see it everyday!

Kathy said...

Julian, what I left out was your daughter and son and law. They were still in the theatre eating their popcorn. I am sorry, I will put them in the next one. lol. This was a a difficult one but fun just the same.
Patricia..do I know you? Do you have any neat photos of Chi-town.

That is what we call chicago here.

China town would be fun to paint too. Haven't been there in years. How safe is it??

Catherine D. said...

I love the Chicago scene. You really capture the atmosphere.

Tom D. said...

I really enjoyed seeing your painting on the Chicago Theater. You have really captured the spirit of the billboard on the theater and the activity on State Street. I talk about the Chicago Theater and its history on my tour ! Next time put in the red trolley with me driving and giving the tour ! LOL Keep up the great work. Tom D.

Kathy said...

Tom D. Thanks so much for your kind comments. So you are really familiar with the City. One day maybe I will be on your trolley. I would love to do a painting of Chi-Town with the trolley. You will have to send me a photo of your trolley. Do you ride those horse driven carriages too?