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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Rocket Snapdragons

watercolor 28 x 8

I guess this is my next series. I like these long formatted paintings. They are fun to paint and as artists, we also look for new challenges. This is just a section of the painting. It is a bit longer.
These are the snaps that I like to grow in my garden. I plant them every year and then I get bonus flowers that come up from the seeds from last year. You have to watch how soon you plant them. If it is too rainy, they get root rot. So be careful. I plant all different colors and sizes of snaps...listen, you might hear them snap.
Happy Spring! Today is the first day. It was sleeting and it is supposed to snow.


Prabal said...

You are inspiring me to do flowers now. The color combo is just perfect.

Kathy said...

Hi Prabal. I am in the studio now. I turned on some music that I want to listen to and watch (dvd) as I paint today's flower. It will be another long skinny one. I wish they would show up better in the photos and I wouldn't have to show just a section. Maybe I will show 2 photos on the next painting. I do love to paint flowers and ladies like to buy them. lol
Come back and see what I paint today. I will be looking for your flowers!!