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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


watercolor 28 x 8 top ( bottom is a close up)

While I was going through my photos deciding which was the special flower for the evening, I decided on the Gladiola. My mom passed away last April and I was able to take photos of my mom's flowers. Do you believe that they throw all those lovely flowers away. So after the funeral I was able to come and get all of the flowers I wanted. I was able to take lots of photos. I had never seen such beautiful flowers. This was a great way to remember my mom... I remember she would always like to buy bouquets of them and she even grew them in her yard. Mom, these flowers are for you.


Indiana Kreidlers said...

A beautiful tribute to your mom. I'm guessing the background is indigo. How did you sign your name? By lifting with water?

Julián Andrade said...

I see you has painted more flowers, it is very nice, I feel more lively with your colors and see how you have planed successful this watercolor, the background permits emphasizing the gladiolas. I hope to watch more flowers.

Patricia said...

Love the vertical format. The flowers are gorgeous, love the dark background..makes them really pop.

Kathy said...

Hi Kath-TY the background is actually indigo, marine blue, perm. magenta, and paynes gray. There are two coats on the background. I have another flower on my board all drawn out and ready to paint. Teaching two classes today wore me out. lol

Hi Julian, so do you have gladiolas in Spain? I want to see your flowers. Glad you are enjoying the flowers I am sending you :) Keep watching. I have more.

Patricia, Thank you. Tomorrow my framer is going to see them and give me some tips on how I should frame these long verticles. I never planned on doing this series, it just happened. Glad you are enjoying them.