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Friday, March 26, 2010


watercolor 28 x 8

Another in my garden series. I have tried to plant these hollyhocks in my back yard garden, but they wouldn't grow very well. Then one year they started blooming on their own in our front garden by the garage. I think they had a little help from the birds. They are a beautiful flower and I do not have to do anything except water them and pinch them back. They reseed themselves. I call these bonus flowers.

My framer/printer and I have decided to make a series of cards out of these 6 flower paintings.

Well, got to go and finish packing for a workshop that I am teaching tomorrow at the Chesterton Art Center. Call or email if you are still interested in joining us tomorrow.


David Lobenberg said...

Nice flower series. I particularly like the ones with the dramatic, dark back grounds. Dig the lilies in particular.

Julián Andrade said...

I can see how you are painting every time more complicated flowers. I didn't know completly which type of flower it was but It looks like me that it was "malvas" in Spanish, so I look for it in my dictionary. They are so well painted that I could guess its name.

Kathy said...

David, thanks for coming over to my blog. I think that dark background catches ones eye so it does make it more dramatic. I thought of adding a dark background to the yellow snaps. We shall see.

Julian, I never heard that name for them before. I have heard them called Colonial Ladies. So how many more paintings do you have to go to hit 100?

Julián Andrade said...

In Spain people believe that these flowers grow in cemetery, in fact there is a sentence about that, but I hope to paint some of them between my 200 next watercolors.

Kathy said...

Julian, my friend...you are talking about your 200th wc and you did not get to 100 yet. Get those paint brushes out...or do I have to come to spain to show you how. lol